October 30th // 2008

I made this for someone famous...

I met Amy Sedaris last year at the BUST Craftacular in Manhattan. I was there selling Giant Dwarf goods with my friend Mary, who was slinging her most delicious sea salted + lavender infused caramels. The queen of kitsch was selling + signing her wonderful book, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. She was also selling some handmade crafts like frilly embroidered pot holders and anthropomorphic hamburger I Like You calendars.

Mary + I skipped on over to her table, which was only a few spots down from us, before the crowd usurped our only chance to spend a few moments with our crafty idol. As we were deciding on what to buy, and remain calm while doing so, Amy complimented me on the hat I was wearing. One of my hats that I made! I couldn't believe it!

As the craft fair dwindled, Amy dashed over to our table, but stopped short before she could take a peek at what we had to offer. She was super busy and had to get back to her fans, and at that moment I realized I should have given her the hat right of my crown.

So, when I found out that she would be in town promoting her new shiny paperback version of I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, I decided to make a hat for her that would replace the one I should've given her in the first place.


The event was held at Foster's, which sells delightful urban homeware + gourmet cookware. They offer cooking classes + demonstrations in the back room of their enormous shop. Tickets went on sale for 50 bucks a pop, which quickly sold out, but fortunately, they offered standing room only free of charge.

I got there early, all by my lonesome, and scored the perfect seat on the floor. As the room began to fill with fans alike, we all decided to stand as the clock struck 5. Amy was introduced by a lovely employee and graced us in a black velvet dress and an adorable homemade owl apron studded with, you guessed it, googly eyes!

She began cooking a few recipes from her book with Michael O’Holloran, Chef + Owner of Bistro 7, a frenchy restaurant here in Philly. The cozy space smelled delicious and was sparking with Amy's hilarious energy. After the duo finished their Chicken of the Taverns dish + poppped the brownies in the oven, Amy began taking questions from the audience.

She got a mouthful from her spectators, including questions about her family, her appearances on talk shows, and a shy + quivery question from me about her rabbit Dusty and her cameo in the terrific Rabbit Rescue, an endearing Microsoft Commercial.

After a lengthy Q + A, Amy said a polite thank you + goodbye and began setting up for her book signing, where I would finally get my chance to give her one of my cloche hats.

I held lucky number 67 and waited patiently in line to meet the lovely + talented glue gun guru. After waiting for what seemed like forever, all of a sudden I was next in line. I froze. A handsome man spotted my nervousness while I was fumbling to get my book, camera, and gift ready with the only 2 hands I was given. He graciously held my things and arranged the recycled pattern paper wrapper for the most perfect presentation. His generosity saved me and he couldn't have been more excited that I made something for her. I thanked him and crossed my tangled fingers as my brain told my feet exactly what to do.

I walked over to her table and introduced myself. She said she remembered me and my hat from the Craftacular, which prompted the perfect moment to introduce her to Giant Dwarf. I gave her the hat I made and she was so appreciative. She tried it on and said how good everything smelled and how soft everything felt. I blushed and then our picture was taken together. I could've stood there the entire night. She made me feel so comfortable + confident, but I decided to mind my manners and let her sign my book and I would be on my way.

She loved it!

The inscription read,
Thank you for the adorable hat - I love it!
Good times!
Amy Sedaris
I thanked her again and she thanked me back. As I gathered my things, she gave me something that she made - a tissue paper ghost, just in time for Halloween.

October 20th // 2008

Duncette Cap

The Duncette Cap is a brand new design that is now a part of the Giant Dwarf 2008 Autumn Collection. The fabulous one-of-a-kind dunce cap will keep your crown warm + fancy as the leaves begin to change and the snow suddenly starts to fall.

Duncette Cap

Duncette Caps, with built in ear flaps, are made from super soft + warm recycled Cashmere sweaters and are embellished with a wool felt scalloped brim. The cap is lined with cozy cotton flannel and elastic has been added to the back for a perfect fit.

The Duncette Cap, seen above in Hazelnut Oatmeal, is available in my Etsy shop. There will be more to choose from, in vibrant + subdued hues, in the very near future.

October 16th // 2008

Leanne + Nathan

I couldn't be happier with the finale of Project Runway. I don't have cable, but I have found other means to watch each + every episode of Season 5. Unfortunately, last night's outcome was revealed via an innocent email, but I knew Leanne Marshall would win from the beginning, so the spoilage only added to my excitement.

I first heard about Leanne, and her line Leanimal, which was surprisingly available on Etsy, from my best friend Nicole, who lives in Portland. They are great friends and hang out often, especially on Wednesday nights during episodes of America's Next Top Model and of course, Project Runway.

I met Leanne in September when Nate + I were in Portland reuniting with old friends. I was lucky enough to hang out and watch one of the Project Runway episodes with her, along with old + new friends. She's adorable and I'm so happy she is dating Nathan McKee.

Nathan is an old friend, with whom I used to share a house with, and he's talented as well, not to mention overwhelmingly handsome! He makes lovely pop-folk music, under the moniker William Holley, and will be just as famous as she is going to be. He wrote + recorded the music that was featured on the runway while Leanne's collection was making everyone's heart skip beats. You can buy that song, entitled Cookie Breath, in his new Etsy shop. You can take a peek here at www.NathanMcKee.etsy.com. I received a copy of his first record, S/T, which is beautiful + inspiring, for my birthday last year. I listen to it mostly during early mornings + late nights or whenever I miss Portland. Here is one of my favorite songs from S/T for your listening pleasure:

Whispering Through Sheets by William Holley

I cannot congratulate Leanne enough for winning Project Runway. Her unique style is so amazing and her professional construction is so inspiring and perfect. I want to thank her so much for graciously sharing her art with the world and giving crafty ladies, like myself, the fire to make it happen. Portland will miss you, but New York will be the perfect ocean for you to swim in!

October 13th // 2008

Philadelphia Weekly Style Profile

Philadelphia Weekly, one of the weekly publications here in Philly, contacted me in the beginning of August wondering if I would like to be featured in their Style Profile column. I was so excited to be in the company of my good friends Lara from Plaid Pony Vintage and Carrie from Fabric Horse.

I knew exactly what I was going to wear to convey fall and my love of color. I dressed up in my favorite silk floral top from the 1940's paired with a great pair of vintage naval high-waisted jeans, butterscotch lucite bangles, an avocado ultrasuede + bakelite bracelet, and vintage leather oxfords. I wanted to wear something that represented Giant Dwarf as well, but the weather was still too warm to get all dolled up with cashmere on my crown. I decided to make a hairpiece using the applique from the Rosette Cloche with a band of elastic to hold it in place. It was the perfect solution!

Rosette Fascinator

I made a few to sell at Crafty Bastards in DC and they flew away like swifts out of a barn! So many gals have a hard time with hats, but want to wear something pretty in their hair. I received an overwhelming response, so I decided to add the Rosette Fascinator Headband to my Etsy shop. I am happy to say that there will be some lovely looking ladies out there with fabulous flowers in their hair as the leaves begin to turn!

One of those beauties is Sara from Girls Can Tell! I received an order from her a few days ago, and since we live about a mile from one another, I thought it was just silly to use the Postal Service. We decided to meet for coffee + tea at B2 in South Philly so I could hand-deliver her new Giant Dwarf accessory. I have run into Sara a few times at craft fairs, but we haven't really had a chance to get to know one another. I was so excited to finally sit down and chat about fun stuff like art + craft, craft fairs, and of course, Etsy. We had such a wonderful conversation that by the end of our visit I noticed that we didn't even get anything to drink! It was the perfect start to a new + wonderful friendship!

October 11th // 2008

Rosette Fascinator Headband

Welcome to my brand new blog! My name is Sue and my handmade company is Giant Dwarf. I create handmade + eco-friendly goods from recycled clothing + vintage fabrics that keep you fancy, which can be found in my Etsy shop.
I have wanted to start this journal for quite some time now, so here we are. It will soon be filled with tales of making crafts + treasures from thrifting, among other random bits about my life. I hope you enjoy it and visit me again soon. So long!