October 16th // 2008

Leanne + Nathan

I couldn't be happier with the finale of Project Runway. I don't have cable, but I have found other means to watch each + every episode of Season 5. Unfortunately, last night's outcome was revealed via an innocent email, but I knew Leanne Marshall would win from the beginning, so the spoilage only added to my excitement.

I first heard about Leanne, and her line Leanimal, which was surprisingly available on Etsy, from my best friend Nicole, who lives in Portland. They are great friends and hang out often, especially on Wednesday nights during episodes of America's Next Top Model and of course, Project Runway.

I met Leanne in September when Nate + I were in Portland reuniting with old friends. I was lucky enough to hang out and watch one of the Project Runway episodes with her, along with old + new friends. She's adorable and I'm so happy she is dating Nathan McKee.

Nathan is an old friend, with whom I used to share a house with, and he's talented as well, not to mention overwhelmingly handsome! He makes lovely pop-folk music, under the moniker William Holley, and will be just as famous as she is going to be. He wrote + recorded the music that was featured on the runway while Leanne's collection was making everyone's heart skip beats. You can buy that song, entitled Cookie Breath, in his new Etsy shop. You can take a peek here at www.NathanMcKee.etsy.com. I received a copy of his first record, S/T, which is beautiful + inspiring, for my birthday last year. I listen to it mostly during early mornings + late nights or whenever I miss Portland. Here is one of my favorite songs from S/T for your listening pleasure:

Whispering Through Sheets by William Holley

I cannot congratulate Leanne enough for winning Project Runway. Her unique style is so amazing and her professional construction is so inspiring and perfect. I want to thank her so much for graciously sharing her art with the world and giving crafty ladies, like myself, the fire to make it happen. Portland will miss you, but New York will be the perfect ocean for you to swim in!


Breezy said...

i'm so glad you have a blog! i really love all of your flowery creations(especially that fascinator!), and i look forward to reading more of what you have to say about crafts+life.


atomicliving said...

wow, I am soo glad I found ur blog
I love project runway and did hope that leanne would win. It is nice to know from someone that knows her that she is as nice as she appeared on the tele.