May 28th // 2009

Welcome to my little studio in Philadelphia. This is where I spend hours, upon hours, creating colorful eco-friendly goods for Giant Dwarf. This space is my best friend and I look forward to visiting + spending time here everyday!

Giant Dwarf // Desk Duty

Hello Bernina // Hello Sue

Giant Dwarf // Studio Tour

Ribbon // Rainbow


Mary P. from said...

I love the bumper-sticker type message on your bulletin board!

It's good to see/read this reminder sometimes! :)

Roberta Jane said...

Just stumbled across your blog from Field Guided! Lovely!

Very pretty pictures - You're so organized! And I have been eyeing you headbands on Anthropologie[dot]com!

jaybird said...

nice studio! it was great meeting you down at penn's landing today... i can't wait to figure out what i'm going to do with my new felt!