June 2nd // 2009

The Art Star Craft Bazaar was amazing! Thank you all for coming out and supporting my tiny company! Here are a few photos from the show!

My new vertical display for hanging Fascinators on!

Giant Dwarf // Art Star Craft Bazaar

Giant Dwarf // Art Star Craft Bazaar

My table filled with lots of Giant Dwarf goods!

Giant Dwarf // Art Star Craft Bazaar

Shauna, half of Something's Hiding In Here, and I nerding out with our Nikons in the Mustache Envy display. Best craft fair neighbors ever!

Hello Shauna // Hello Sue

Huge hugs to Erin + Megan of Art Star for planning + organizing an incredible event! You gals are the best!


Mary said...

Lady that looks like such fun! A friend of ours was in town for the festivities, but I didn't know in time to send her looking for you. If I had, I would have insisted that she attack you with a hug on my behalf. So in your memory of this weekend, plug in an imaginative memory of me running out of the crowd and hugging you bigtime. I will do the same, only in reverse. Got it?


Freddie said...

I bought a lovely red rosette fascinator from you today (and my friend who looks a lot like me bought a pink one, haha) and I just wanted to say thank you, they're wonderful! :)

Bekväm + Elise said...

This looks like so much fun....wish I could of gone!

carollai said...

i love your shop. i love your goodies. now i love your blog and am a follower. thanks for writing back on etsy convo. it's great to 'talk' to someone whose work i just adore. one day i will have a headband. i will!

blessings, carol

silvia pavarini said...