November 12th // 2009

Giant Dwarf // Today Show

Giant Dwarf was featured on The Today Show with Bobbie Thomas! The Style Buzz feature was cleverly titled Don’t Just Recycle, Upcycle Your Wardrobe.

Here are all of the products I sent for review.
Giant Dwarf // Secret Press Samples

You can take a peek at the video clip if you'd like or look up above at the still I took with my camera.
There were lots of wonderful upcycled gifts featured and I feel honored + humbled for the opportunity to be amongst such talented makers. Thanks to Adam Brown, over at Etsy, for inviting me to send samples, Bobbie Thomas + Natalie Morales, for putting their sweet little hands on my work, and Ann Curry, for the shout out right before the segment aired. I feel really lucky + I'd like to thank all of you that tuned in to cheer me on!


jen said...

that is amazingly cool!!

jaybird said...

congrats!! that must have been so exciting!