March 8th // 2010

Me + Virginia Wolf, my new vintage dress form.
Hello Sue // Hello Virginia Wolf

The ultimate thrift score.
Ultimate Thrift Score // Vintage Dress Form

Once belonging to Virginia Gardner.
Ultimate Thrift Score // Vintage Dress Form

Complete with a cast iron base + casters.
Ultimate Thrift Score // Vintage Dress Form


jenifer lake said...

oh gasp! i have wanted one of those *forever*! lucky lady!

Amanda said...

HAHAHAH i love that you call her Virginia Wolf! I had a dress form & I named her Donatella. They all have their own personalities hahaha

seesaw said...

your work is so cute.

Alice said...

Oh you are so lucky! I have always wanted one of these! what an amazing find!

Stefanie said...

hi! I actually just started to read you blog, when I came across this post! I've wanted a dress form for as long as I can remember, can you PLEASE tell me how much it cost you?!

xo, stefanie

.girl ferment. said...

indeed, spectacular

jody mcdowell said...