July 23rd // 2010

Giant Dwarf // Trois Dot Clip

The Trois Dot Clip is brand new + sweet as pie. Each barrette is made from 3 hand-covered felted buttons that are attached to a French clip. They are a simple pop of color for your hair, worthy of a double-take.

Trois Dot Clip // Package Design

Here's the package design to accompany the clips. Uh huh, it's the same photo as above with the clip attached.

Trois Dot Clip // Package Design

I'll have lots of Trois Dot Clips available soon in super fun color combinations. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Creative Colloquy said...

these are awesome! i LOVE that idea of clipping it to the photo- i'm working on some hair clip/brooch/shoe clip pieces for my mother in law's boutique in back in Texas and i wanted to somehow incorporate a photo for the potential customer to view them in action- this is such a perfect way to do it!!!!