July 6th // 2010

Hello Shawshank // Hello Dream Cat

, my handsome fluffy grey kitty, was featured on Dream Cats today! If you haven't heard of my new favorite, adorably fantastic Tumblr, then I suggest spending some time with this dreamy place completely devoted to girls & cats, cats in soft focus, cats on film.

Dream Cats was created by the lovely duo that is Anabela from Fieldguided + Erin from Atlantic Treefox, in which the photos chosen are hand-picked directly from their Flickr group of the same name. Anyway, the gals conducted a little survey on Twitter to see what kinds of knicknames, those of us who have cats, give them. When I hopped over to see the results of the poll, I was tickled that Shawshank was chosen as the Nickname Mascot!

If you're a cat lover or just a lover of beautiful photographs with cats in them, then Dream Cats is the place for you. Meow!

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