March 31st // 2011

Giant Dwarf // Turbeaux Headband
Giant Dwarf // Turbeaux Headband
Giant Dwarf // Turbeaux Headband

The Turbeaux Headband is a little bit turban + a little bit bow + a little bit vintage + a little bit modern. It'll keep you fancy all day long + into the night. It would also be great for bridesmaids + birthday girls at heart.

The Turbeaux Headband was made from recycled corduroy trousers + lined with Fancy Felt. The hairpiece stays in place with a hidden black elastic band, encircling the head, which fits most.

Available now in Rust, but lots more colors are in the works. Stay tuned!


Sera Pie said...

Ooooh, so cute!

morgandkim said...

this is delightful!!! nice work

Jacy said...

Hey just wanted to say I saw you as the featured seller on Etsy! CONGRATS!! That is so awesome :)