May 3rd // 2011

Giant Dwarf // Tiny Starlette Sparkler
Giant Dwarf // Tiny Starlette Sparkler Pair
Giant Dwarf // Tiny Starlette Sparkler Trio

Tiny Starlette Sparklers are now available in a variety of sets: single + pair + trio. So sparkly + fun!


megan lane said...

those are so adorable! i've been wanting some fun pins to pin my bangs back. i think i'm going to have to get myself one. or two. or three :)

kristin m. said...

i have these, and love, love, LOVE them!

Janee Lookerse said...

Hi There! Just hopped over to your blog from Something's Hiding In Here. I love your work! Definitely adding you to my Reader :)


silverblayze said...

I love your stars! I enjoyed reading though your blog; I cannot wait to read more updates.


Emily said...

Ever since I cut my hair short I have found that I love anything with a bobby pin on the back. Hell if they put a fish on a bobby pin I would probably put it in my hair, although it wouldn't be nearly as cute as these little pins.

Cait Emma said...

Wow those are so so pretty! You're blog is adorable xoxoCait